My new sounds.

     This is my favorite podcast. It’s called Proudly Resents. Each week host Adam Spiegelman and guest talk about a cult movie classic. If you think bad movies are so good, then you’ll enjoy listening to this podcast!

     In this episode they discuss “Logan’s Run” and the power of side-boob.

     I remember my first experience with side-boob. It was the summer of ’89 and the lifeguard on duty, Staci Stantucci, was wearing a hot pink one-piece with a zipper down the front that exposed her side-boob. She was 19 and ripe. As she stepped up on the diving board every man stopped what they were doing and watched. They put down the book they were reading, they waited to put their quarters in the vending machine, they held up the line at the water fountain, and they skipped their turn at shuffleboard all to sit and stare at Staci’s side boob.

     Ugh, I wanted side-boob so bad!