This last week I’ve been drinking a little more than my doctor would like. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day because I was so hungover. What did it was the pack of cigarettes I smoked. I don’t smoke when I’m sober anymore but when I drink I like to pick up the habit and IT KILLS ME! It could have also been the bottle of champagne I popped at the end of a very expensive night in Hollywood. I was supposed to go to a friend’s house and help her sew a dress for one of her projects but when she canceled I met up with some friends at the Chateau Marmont. It’s always Pretty People Parties in Hollywood. When the girl with fake tits sat on my lap I asked if the older gentlemen she helped put in a cab earlier was her boyfriend.  She said no, that it was her 65 year-old father visiting from Texas. He bought her those breasts and also recently divorced his wife of 30 years.  I asked how her mom was taking it and she said that she was fine. “She gets half the cattle ranch so it’s all good,” she said. I love how hallow Hollywood is and how easily I can get sucked in it.