E-Mail Chain For The Bachelor Party

BALONEY: I think we need to have a conference call this week to really hammer things home. The only communication I get from Jazz is "LETS RAGE" and "FUCKIN’ PARTY". Agenda topics: arrival times
, sleeping arrangements
, who is going to pay the damage deposit, parking.
JIM: Add tattoo to that list. We’re all getting a mole tattooed on our ankle.
BALONEY: Oh jeezus.
KUHN-MAN: I just peed... I think we better get them on our upper lip at least!
JIM: Why is everyone so scared of getting a tiny, little, black dot on their ankle that represents our friendship? I’d understand if I were friends with a bunch of daisies, but I'm not. U guyz are the roughest, baddest, hardest, JNCO wearing, cherry poppin' daddies I know!
BALONEY: Gawd damn this tattoo! Jazz u may as well just get ur balls tatted blue...cause now that ur getting married kiss blow jobs to completion goodbye!!!
JAZZ: Woo hoo! RAGIN' like a Cajun'. Party time! Excellent!