1. Jazz. Groom and best friend since 4th grade. He and I would spend hours after school making pointless movies. His timing and improve skills were impeccable. His most recognizable character was Big Momma, which many people thought was inspired by my mother, a person whom he studied and adored. I think that comparison was made only because he wore her moo-moos during the shoots, other than that, Big Momma was a lot more crass.
  2. Baloney. Brother and fellow groomsman. Being my only younger brother, the poor guy was forced to do whatever I said, even at a very late age. This is a picture of him in 10th grade sitting on the tip of a missile at Fort Casey St. Park, which I set up. He acted as though nothing was odd and even got excited when he saw a rabbit in the distance.
  3. Kuhn-Man. One of our best friends and present at any event where there are 2 or more Marti’s. He’s always in the background waiting for one of us to fall and chip our tooth so he can be the first one laughing. He’s no bigger than a thimble, has a deep voice, and can’t keep his palms from sweating.
  4. Jim. The best man. Desperately wants to be a father but life just doesn’t permit it at the moment.